Planned Litters

Test load change

We have several excellent to outstanding litters in the works for the spring/summer/fall of 2015.

All of our breeding females are EIC Clear

We prove and run our dogs in the AKC, APLA and HRC hunt test organizations.

HRCH 4XGMPR Jesse James x PRG's Rockin Alice

Jesse has the classic lab looks and is an outstanding producer. He has produced pups that have titled at the highest levels in the APLA, AKC and HRC. He is one of the strongest pointing labs in the upland fields we have seen. He passes this trait on to his offspring. He marks very well and runs blinds at full speed. He has a totally cool personality and he can turn the switch from frisbee dog to professional killer at the drop of a hat.


Jesse pointingJesse Pedigree


Alice is like a fully loaded F16 cleared for take off. She is extremely athletic. Put on your helmet, strap in and hang on. When we talk High Performance we are not talking out of control dogs. Just the opposite. She is in control and just waiting for the word go or the pull of the trigger. Both Alice and Jesse are intelligent, good looking dogs, easy to train with outstanding desire to train and excellent work ethics. They can turn it on and off in a second or less. Both are affectionate and act like the typical well mannered lab when in the house. Alice scores a 10 always with big air water entries. She just loves water. She is a serious big air dog. We have several clips of her doing her aerobatics in our Training The Pointing Retriever DVD series doing water marks. She points nicely and marks very well. Alice is a proven producer of some very nice dogs. Even with all of this horsepower Alice will shutdown and be happy just laying at your feet in the evening.

ALice ribbonsAlice Point

Alice Riley Pearl pedigree

We are considering a very special breeding in spring of 2015 with the Big Dog Legend Himself

HRCH 4X GMPR Bar None's Snake River Otter MH QAA X PRG's Bird Magic Genie